What would happen if:

  1.  Your managers grew leaders by developing self-propelled followers;
  2. Your managers could say more—in less time and less words;
  3. Your managers modeled a culture of oneness;
  4. Your managers converted negative feedback into positive results; and,
  5. Your managers won the trust to deeply influence others.

About PJ Sawvel


PJ Sawvel is an award-winning communicator with a passion for helping people turn their words into vehicles that drive profits, productivity, and professional development.

PJ helps organizations and individuals create conversations that are sincere, succinct, and that plug directly into the emotional drivers that move people to action.

A former top producer in real estate, insurance, and the brokerage markets—PJ Sawvel is an accomplished face-to-face communicator.  In addition to this, in the mid-1990s, PJ changed lanes and became an award-winning investigative reporter, founding president of a grassroots non-profit, and later, author of the 2014 Global E-Books Gold Medal winner Under the Influence: The Town That Listened to Its Kids.  (A fascinating story that demonstrates the power of communication to transform a community.) 

These roles give her the rare insider’s view of the connections that exist between intentions, words, and the target audience—and the subsequent results.  Using unconventional questions and visual tools, PJ unleashes innovative ideas that let attendees see for themselves the excelling value of focused communication that works.


PJ SAWVEL | Download PJ Sawvel's one sheet Download PJ Sawvel's one sheet

PJ SAWVEL |  2014 Global E-book award

2014 GLOBAL E-book Award for “Under the Influence: The Town That Listened to its Kids.”

What people say about PJ

“P J’s real life scenarios create a desire in all of us to implement the changes.”
Lakisha, manager

“P J’s enthusiasm kept us fully engaged and we came away knowing we could use the tools.”
Ismael, V.P. Sales

"I love it when someone can engage my brain. PJ did that with her demonstrations and stories. I would rate this program at the TOP."
Beth, manager

PJ Sawvel customizes each presentation to fit the needs of the audience and to model the message that focused communication drives results.  After completing PJ’s trademark high-energy, engaging, and interactive sessions, attendees own the tool, know how to use them, and most importantly, desire to get started immediately.

PJ Sawvel, a member of the National Speakers Association, is available for keynotes, breakouts, and workshops.  Her current topics include:  When Change is Better than Dollars (Increase promotability.  Instead of avoiding issues, learn to use challenging workplace dynamics—coupled with three focusing tools—to develop profitable communication skills.  Watch your stress go down, productivity go up, and professional value skyrocket.  Then, the dollars will follow.

FAST TRACK  (Designed for new hires and college seniors, this innovative program accelerates acceptance and advancement in the workplace by demonstrating how to give employers what they really want—effective communication that really works.)

A sample of clients PJ has worked with:

PJ SAWVEL | Society for Human Resource Management PJ SAWVEL | High Point Police PJ SAWVEL | Piedmont Triad Regional Council PJ SAWVEL | Crosby Scholars PJ SAWVEL | The College of Davidson & Davie Counties PJ SAWVEL | Guilford Parent Academy PJ SAWVEL | Housing Authority of High Point PJ SAWVEL | WSFCS PJ SAWVEL | NC School Library Media PJ SAWVEL | Rockingham County Schools PJ SAWVEL | Stevens Center PJ SAWVEL | Lexington Housing Authority